Using Your Sociability To Your Advantage

Using Your Sociability To Your Advantage

We’re currently living in an age where being social is interacting with somebody on the other end of a computer a couple of times a day rather than going out and seeing them face to face. For the more traditional amongst us, this is something that is unacceptable. But for those who are putting their all into the technology of social marketing, it’s amazing. It’s basically money for something that you would be doing anything, giving you more power and insight behind the decisions that you make. But just how can you go about getting profit solely from interacting with your friends?

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Entering sweepstakes online is one of the easiest things that can be done on the internet. You simply go on, enter your details and there you have it – you’re in with a chance to win. There are daily sweepstakes found here if you want to get started, and the prizes can range from anything from hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to a brand new dream house; the marketing and rising profile from the companies that are offering the prizes are all that are needed, so no money is exchanged. The great thing about these sweepstakes is that the majority of them have links to social media, and you get free entries dependent on how many of your friends you have referred. So the more friends you have online, the better – it just means more chance of winning for you!


Who said self-praise is no recommendation? Get yourself into a good, strong community on Twitter and you will see yourself with your own personalised little following. Create something, make something, endorse a product or recommend a brand and see how quickly those you interact with do the same. If they start shouting up about the same stuff as you, try introducing your own product or item into the mix. You’ll find that if they know where it’s coming from, they’ll be more likely to want to purchase it and recommend it to their followers, too. It’s helped the rise of hundreds of zines and clothing lines, so don’t be afraid to give it a go; the worst that could happen is that you don’t get a single retweet. In that case, just delete it and pretend it never happened. Problem solved.

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There are certain clubs, bars and restaurants that like to cash in on just how popular and social you are – especially when it comes down to the amount of Facebook friends you are inviting to their opening night or another event. You could bag yourself a free meal, a bottle of champagne or even a lifetime loyalty card depending on just what the place is offering. A lot of what you may be entitled to falls down to just how many of your friends do actually show up to what’s going on – so you may have to be a bit convincing and make an appearance yourself. It’s a good marketing system for the place in question, and definitely a good winner for you if you can pull it off.

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