Building A Walk-In Closet – What You Need

Building A Walk-In Closet – What You Need

Make early mornings more pleasant by having everything laid out right in front of you. A walk-in closet makes those harder days a little easier to get started. You might even have the space to create a full dressing room. Just imagine stepping out of the shower and walking into your own custom-built dressing area complete with the storage solutions you need! Here’s what to do to get you started.

First of all, you don’t want to make any mistakes with the dimensions. After all, you’re building the storage space you need. If you don’t know exactly how much you need, it could end up stuffed full, and almost useless.

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The point of this space is to help you get organized. You need a place for your ties, your hats, your sneakers and your jackets. You probably want lots of rails so you can separate your shirts from your tees and your pants from your jeans.

Map it all out with a sketch or plan. You might want to lay out all your clothes on the bed so you can see just how much you want to keep in this new closet. Then you can search for the best storage solutions to meet your needs.

You might need a sneaker storage box or two, a tie hanger, several shelves for your sweaters, and a shoe rack. If you have a few nice watches, don’t forget a drawer tidy to lay them out in.

Mirrors are quite handy in here, especially if you’ve created plenty of floor space. If you’re tight for room, then simply attach one to the door. You’ll need good lighting, so consider a white colored bulb so you can better gauge what you’ll look like in more natural lighting conditions.

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How are you going to lay out this space? If you have to share it, you might have one side for your partner, and the other for you plus a table at the end. The choice is yours.

Ideally, everything should be to hand. This makes it easier to put everything away once it’s gone through the laundry service as well. Think about the order in which you dress. This might be a good way to plan the design of your closet.

Start with undergarments, work along the shelf to pants, then shirts, and move round to the jacket. Accessories like watches can be at the end. It’s up to you to pick which way works best. You’re after convenience as well as attractive storage solutions!


Should you paint a walk-in closet? It can help create a fresher, cleaner feel. Painting the walls white will help the light reach the darkest corners of this room with no windows. It’s up to you if you want carpet under your bare feet in there. Most people are happy with a wooden flooring.

There is nothing stopping you putting some media in there like a smart mirror or TV screen. You can watch the morning news as you get dressed. Of course, moving the coffee machine in here might be a step too far!


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