Cleaning Secrets Revealed

Cleaning Secrets Revealed

However much you despise them, household chores are a part of life. We all want to live in a clean home, and this is even more important if you’re renting. You don’t want to be forfeiting half of your security deposit because of that clumsy stumble with a glass of red wine or because you were too terrified of touching the sticky gunk at the back of the fridge. If you’re renting a property, you need to maintain its cleanliness. But you don’t want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary doing it. Read on to find out the secrets to make cleaning easier.

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Paint Stain

So you’ve managed to scrape the wall in the bedroom when manoeuvering your wardrobe through the door. You think you’ll be a good tenant and paint over the mark but little did you realise that your good deed would cause an unsightly splash of apple white emulsion to appear on the landlord’s curtains. Never fear! Once the paint is dry, grab a razor and gently flake it off. Voila!

Wooden Surface

Nearly every home has them: water rings on wooden surfaces from mugs of tea and cups of coffee. They can be tricky little blighters to get rid of. Take your hairdryer and put it on its highest and hottest setting. Moving in circles blast those water rings. Once the dampness has lifted, you’ll be left with a dry mark which you can then rub a little olive oil into. It’ll look like new.

Shower Head

If you haven’t even looked at your shower head for a few months, but you’re wondering why the power in your shower is more of a damp squib, then chances are it has been invaded by limescale. The best way to combat this is to put some vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around your shower head so that it’s airtight. Leave for a few hours, and you’ll see the limescale just drop off.

Then we come to the big guns: a greasy oven, a stained carpet, mould in between the grouting of your tiles. These beasts are hard to defeat. Companies like Whizz end of bond cleaners are teeming with cleaning hacks, ready to bombard your home with an industrial scale cleaning regimen at a moment’s notice. By doing this, at least you can guarantee that you’ll get your security deposit back.

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Some unscrupulous landlords relish the opportunity of delving into nooks and crannies and spotting that you haven’t cleaned the one inch square of space located behind the television. They will do everything in their power to eek out every cent of money if you haven’t cleaned well enough. Last piece of advice: Don’t forget the extractor hood above your oven. It may look stunning in its matte metal finish from the outside but inside (and your landlord will look) it will look like the bottom of a deep fat fryer that has been left to fester for months. Don’t give your landlord the satisfaction.


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