Homemade Mushroom and Arugula Pizza

Homemade Mushroom and Arugula Pizza

A fresh and flavorful homemade pizza recipe that’s topped with earthy mushrooms and zesty arugula then finished with Romano cheese and Italian spices.

My garden has started producing lately and I’m pretty excited about it. The weather has been beautiful, we’ve gotten plenty of rain, the compost we added has made the soil very happy, and the fence we built has kept the deer out (which makes me very happy). The first of our vegetal bounty includes arugula and radishes (with kale and chard not far behind). My husband loves arugula. He’ll eat it in any form – raw, cooked, in salads, or on sandwiches. I’m a bit pickier about it. One of my favorite ways to eat arugula is as a pizza topping. Cooking it a little removes some of the bite and leaves you with a nice earthy flavor that complements the mushrooms. The ingredients are so simple but it comes together to create a perfect flavor combination. I’m not kidding – this might be my new favorite pizza (I’ve made it twice this week).

The first step to any homemade pizza is to prepare the dough. Check out this post for detailed instructions on how do this. This recipe will give you perfect dough every time. Pizza dough requires at least an hour to rise so I recommend preparing the dough ahead of time and then letting it sit for awhile. The rest of the ingredients can be prepared as the dough is rising. This recipe is pretty easy as far as toppings go. All that’s needed is to thinly chop 1 8 oz. package of mushrooms and then to rough chop 3 cups of fresh arugula. Next up shred 2 1/2 cups of mozzarella cheese. That’s it for the chopping.

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