Gnome Sweet Gnome: Garden Improvements To Try Out This Summer

Gnome Sweet Gnome: Garden Improvements To Try Out This Summer

Summer is here and the sun’s rays are shining down on us. So it’s time to make sure that your garden is up to scratch and provides a tranquil space that you can kick back and relax in. Nobody wants to sit around on the overgrown grass, surrounded by weeds in a generally neglected exterior space. But mowing the lawn, using a strimmer around the corners and pulling weeds is just the beginning of making your garden stand out from the crowd. Here are a few garden improvements to consider.

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A Shed

We’re all too familiar with gardens filled with stray items that shouldn’t really be left out in the elements. Rusty bicycles, rusty bicycles, rusty gardening tools. Starting to see a theme here? You should have an outdoor space that can protect your belongings from the rain, frost, and snow without having to bring everything indoors. Invest in a shed! No matter how large or small your space, there should be something to suit your needs perfectly. Opt for something with sturdy doors that can have a lock placed on it too. This prevents potential thieves from targeting your home. The shed will keep everything inside cool and dry. Remember to always check your shed before locking it up: you don’t want someone’s cat or another animal accidentally getting trapped inside.

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Outdoor Seating

Picnic blankets on the floor only offer so much comfort. Invest in proper outdoor seating that will allow you, your friends and family to sit comfortably. There are all sorts to choose from. Standard plastic seating, cushioned garden suites, benches, deck chairs, perhaps even a hammock. Remember to store these away when not in use. Otherwise, they simply block up space.

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A Pool

When you’ve been sunbathing for a couple of hours, most of us will want to take a cooling dip in a pool. So if you have space and the means, why not afford yourself the pleasure? Take your space and budget into account and work out what will best suit your circumstances and needs. Once it’s fitted and ready to go, remember to keep on top of it. Otherwise, you will end up with a pool full of algae. Get into contact with a reliable pool company who will be able to conduct weekly pool maintenance and repair, leak detection and (if it takes your fancy) carry out pool remodeling. If you have children or pets about, ensure that they are always supervised around the pool.

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A Herb Garden

You may already have flower beds all dug out, but consider planting some of your own herbs too. Choose a small, secluded area of your backyard, preferably with access to a little sunlight, but out of the way of the midday sun. If you don’t have much spare room, you can even plant them in little window boxes, up and out of the way. This will give a fresh scent to your garden and home as well as a dash of color. Try out mint, bay leaves, basil, chives, coriander, dill, and fennel. These are all relatively self-sufficient and will grow alone. Just remember to water them regularly.

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