Lost Your Motivation? Try These Tricks…

Lost Your Motivation? Try These Tricks…

Losing your motivation for life is a trying time. For most, it’s just a bit of a metaphorical brick wall that they hit that they eventually get past. For others, it’s a state that they remain in until they do something to push themselves out of it – or have somebody to give them a helping hand out of the rut. It can be hard to know where to begin to try and find it within you to do so.

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Set Yourself Goals

It doesn’t matter what goals these are; whether work related, exercise-focused or something to do in your personal life, setting yourself something to work towards can be a great source of motivation. However, it’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and either work yourself into the ground to get to where you need to be, or lose sight of what you are aiming for altogether. If you have a smartphone, setting yourself tasks to complete throughout the day is easy enough to do on your Reminders app. These can then be ticked off as and when you complete them until you’re just looking at a blank screen. It’s important to remember not to set yourself too many things to do in one day, as not being able to complete them all could lead to a feeling of failure towards the end of the day. That’s not what you’re aiming for at all. Three or four simple tasks could give you a good starting point to go from.

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Change Your Body Image

When you lose motivation, it is because you have lost control of an element in your life. When it comes to being able to get this control back, the easiest way to do it is to put your focus into your body. You are the sole person that is control of how you look and in charge of what to do in order to change your body image and how you feel about yourself. A lot of people make a change to their diet or exercise regimes in order to really get themselves looking their best and feeling good about themselves, thus boosting their confidence and expanding their horizons to do more with their life in the time that they have got. It’s pretty much a winning solution to what could turn out to be something that’s quite stagnant throughout your life. Instead of going headfirst straight into a fad diet, defendyourhealthcare.us recommends trying these instead; alternative suggestions to an easy-to-follow low calorie diet to get you started. Take it at your own pace and start when you can give it due time and attention.

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Drink More Water

It’s recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Most of us aren’t even achieving half of that. Not only is water great for your health generally, helping your body to function and your organs to keep on working the way that they should, but it’s also great for your concentration. Having a sense of focus is something that is important when it comes to your motivation; pinpointing something as a desire that you need to get towards takes a certain amount of concentration in order to achieve it. Who would have thought that you could pinpoint any lack of drive to not drinking enough water in the  day? It’s something so simple, yet something that a lot of us tend to look over.


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Eat Right

If you’re not eating the right stuff for your body to thrive from, there is no way that it is going to reward you. Snacking on junk food throughout the day definitely isn’t the way forward when trying to gain motivation. There is such a thing as brain food; green vegetables, proteins and foods rich in vitamins and minerals are all the fuel that your body needs to work off to give you motivation to get through the day. The more that you are craving sugar and fat, the more that you are putting your body through unnecessary stresses. It is said that sugar addiction can be as strong and as hard-hitting of some of the most potent drugs available – so why are we still acting like it’s something that we don’t need to take care of and pay attention to? Try cutting out any sugary drinks and snacks that you consume on a daily basis and see how you are feeling after that. There will be a comedown; your body will put you through headaches and other cravings that can easily be overcome by just eating what you were before, but try your best to look past them and see how great you feel when you go a few days without sugar.

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