Greek Poutine

Greek Poutine

Fries are the ultimate pairing with burgers, but how about stepping it up a notch?

No, I’m not talking about adding ketchup or making it poutine, I’m talking about adding a little bit of Mediterranean flavor.  On every trip to Greece, I consumed pounds and pounds of delicious homemade fries (I guess that’s why I also brought home some extra pounds).

These aren’t fried in canola oil, sunflower oil or vegetable oil… No, no, that would be absolute sacrilege in Greece!!!

They are fried in 100% pure, delicious, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

So that must make them healthy, right? Right. Let’s say that makes them healthy if it makes you feel better about eating them.

If this is at all part of the Mediterranean diet then count me in!

Now what would be the Greek equivalent to poutine?  Well, if you had to add a cheese, it would most obviously be feta, spice would be oregano, and vinegar would be red wine vinegar…no gravy in sight!

Mouth watering yet?

Give them a try and you’ll never look at fries the same way again!

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