Sharpen Your Mind to Love Life Longer

Sharpen Your Mind to Love Life Longer

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None of us can beat the clock. We’re all going to get older and out body is going to change as a result, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t improve the life we do have. One of the best ways to do this is by taking care of our brains and sharpening the mind so that we get more out of life for longer.

Like the rest of our muscles, the brain must be used if it is to stay strong and active. It also needs some tender loving care directed towards it if it is to work to its optimum levels. Luckily, there are lots of simple little things we can all do to sharpen our minds today, tomorrow and the day after…


Meditation might be getting a lot of press right now, but that’s because it works! It isn’t another case of the emperor’s new clothes like we see so often in health reporting – if you meditate consistently, you will see results. You’ll be less stressed, more relaxed and you’ll be able to build new neurons that keep your brain healthy and active in the way you would like.

Train Your Brain

You can only sharpen your mind by using it. Giving it lots of new challenges to tackle is the best way to do this. So, learn how to play chess, study a new language, complete a Sudoku puzzle each day or try out a new hobby to keep your brain active and your mind sharp.

Get More Sleep

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I’m sure you’ll have noticed that, when you don’t get enough sleep, your body and brain are much more sluggish; you make more mistakes that you usually would, and it takes you longer to grasp information. This is no surprise because the brain needs lots of time to rest and repair. So, if you sacrifice sleep or fun, start turning in a little earlier, and if you have trouble sleeping, try out Caruso’s herbal sleeping tablets or pay a visit to your doctor. You really can’t afford to miss out on your sleep if you want your mind to stay sharp for as long as possible.


Physical exercise isn’t just good for your abs and your biceps; it’s great for the brain too. Scientific studies have shown that exercise enhances our cognitive function by encouraging new neurons to grow. So, now might be a good time to sign up for that yoga class or finally buy that pair of running shoes.

Stay Away from the Sweet Stuff

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Sugar might be delicious, but eating a diet that’s too high in the sweet stuff can cause inflammation and oxidative stress, which have a negative impact on the brain and make you feel foggy.

For optimum brain health, you should be eating a diet that’s high in fish, a little meat, plenty of vegetables and nuts and a small amount of fruit and grains. This will feed your brain and keep your body healthy.

Is your mind always sharp? What do you do to maintain your brain?


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