Minty Pea and Almond Salad

Minty Pea and Almond Salad

A healthy and flavorful minty pea summer salad topped with toasted almonds, Parmesan cheese, and lemon zest. Fresh and easy to make!

When I tell people that I am a food blogger they often ask about the focus of my blog – What kind of food do I make? It’s taken me awhile to answer that question comprehensively but the best description I’ve come up with so far is that I like to take ingredients that are down to earth and elevate them. This is especially true in the summer when what’s growing in the garden can be turned into a super flavorful dish. Right now that super flavorful garden ingredient is the garden pea. The peas have finally arrived and we’ve been devouring them as fast as they’ve been growing. There is nothing like a freshly picked garden pea and this Minty Pea and Almond salad is the perfect way to showcase them. The pea is the star of this dish and all the other ingredients work harmoniously.

This salad is so tasty. Seriously, I’ve been stalking my pea plants for the past month waiting for them to produce just so I could make this salad. Full disclosure: This is not my recipe. I learned it from a friend when we were in Montana last month. He got the recipe from some restaurant in Seattle and tweaked it a bit and then I tweaked it a bit more. So, the origin of this recipe is unknown but I’m pretty sure that every version of it is delicious.

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