Luxury Appliances to Give Your Home an Air of Sophistication

Luxury Appliances to Give Your Home an Air of Sophistication

When it comes to interior design, there are so many more aspects that make a huge difference to your home’s aesthetic than sofas and scatter cushions. So many articles out there focus on living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces where you sit back and relax. But what about the heart of your home: the kitchen? There’s a reason why Jona Lewie wrote a song letting everyone know that they’ll always find her in the kitchen at parties back in 1978. It’s a hive of hustle and bustle, where people come together to create meals, pour drinks and chat while the kettle boils for a hot cup of tea or coffee. Yes, the kitchen is a productive space, so it needs to be relatively practical and minimal. But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely neglect its design. If anything, you can use these requirements to its visual advantage. Plain walls and work surfaces can work as a blank canvas for beautiful, unique luxury appliances that can speak volumes about your personality and character. Here are a few of our favourite luxury kitchen appliances for you to consider!

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Whether you’re a foodie who adores anything nutritious, or someone who views food as necessary fuel to keep your body healthy and working, your refrigerator needs to be up to scratch in order for fresh, safe food. But your refrigerator doesn’t have to be a free standing eyesore in the corner of the room. Look at Sub-Zero fridges. The brand pioneered the concept of built-in refrigeration, allowing the essential appliance to blend into carefully crafted kitchen designs. If you want, one of these units could easily blend into the neighbouring cupboards with matching wood-effect cabinet panel doors and drawers. Alternatively, you can opt for stainless steel or high-gloss finishes. With widths varying from 30 to 48 inches, there’s a perfect size product for almost every home. All units are also 84” tall, which allows for easy matching or pairing if you’re considering investing in dual installations. The company also offers French door and glass door models, alongside optional extras, such as internal and external water and ice dispensers. Now that design is covered, you can focus on the brand’s superior functional potential. While you might believe that cold is cold and any low temperature will preserve food effectively, it is essential to understand that there are three main aspects that are necessary for effective food preservation. These are temperature control, humidity monitoring and purified air. Sub-zero cater to all of these needs, keeping its food contents crisp and fresh. If you do experience a problem with your Sub-Zero refrigerator, not to worry: sub zero refrigerator repair company is close at hand. These individuals recognise that there is never an ideal time for your unit to break or malfunction and that when you need help, you need it as soon as possible in order to prevent your food and drinks from spoiling and water leaks across your kitchen. This is why their repair crews are on call 24/7 to provide emergency service. They are certified, well trained and have years of experience, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that they will fix the problem in the fastest time and to the highest quality possible.

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Wine Cooler

This is kind of an expansion of the refrigerator, after all, most units will have space to store one or two bottles of wine. But if you are a sommelier or wine collector, chances are that you’ll have more to store away. You don’t want them to spoil, left out in the light and heat, so why not invest in a wine cooler? There are so many designs available, that there’s bound to be one that will look right at home in your kitchen. If you’ve opted for a Sub-Zero fridge, note that the brand also offers a wide variety of wine coolers to match. Whether this is the 84-inch freestanding option or a smaller and more discreet under the counter alternative. A wine cooler will store your white and rose bottles at a perfect temperature, meaning that when you fancy a refreshing glass, you don’t have to wait around for it to cool down. This is especially useful if you find that you are entertaining guests frequently. You will have plenty of temperature perfect beverages at hand to suit everyone’s preferences.

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Anyone who lives in a busy home will be well aware of the speed at which dirty dishes, bowls, glasses, mugs (and pretty much every other form of crockery under the sun) manage to mount up. Sometimes it can feel as though you’re constantly chained to the sink, scrubbing up after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even if you live alone, we’re sure that you have much better activities and projects to focus your attention on than washing up with your Marigolds on! So perhaps it’s time to opt for a dishwashing machine. While these aren’t a necessity, they will make your life so much easier. All you have to do is load the dirty contents in, add a washing machine tablet and turn it on. Within less than an hour, everything will be spotless and spick and span. All that’s left to do is take the clean items out and put them away in the cupboards. On top of this added ease, dishwashers also help you to save money, as they use less water than hand washing and make use of less energy in general, so see it as an investment piece. Not only are you helping your finances, but you’re aiding the world and environment at the same time. Admittedly, dishwashers aren’t the most expensive product on the market. But this doesn’t mean that you should slack. Strive for the best. You’ll definitely notice the visible difference between brands when it comes to the finish on your crystal glasses. For the best appliance out there, opt for a Miele dishwasher. These have sleek, attractive design and are both reliable and functional. They receive rave reviews everywhere you look. Alternatively, opt for a high-end Bosch design. Remember to clean the insides of your appliance regularly with specialist products to maintain the hygiene and cleanliness within.

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Coffee Machines

When it comes to coffee, there’s a stark difference between those who enjoy a hot cup of Joe before heading out to work in the morning and those who truly appreciate a good, high-quality cup of rare ground beans. While a traditional kettle and store bought powders may suffice if you fall into the first category of people, the prospect of a low-quality drink will make the second group cringe. So, if you’re a coffee connoisseur, it’s probably time to invest in the real deal for your caffeine habit. There are plenty of professional brands who have reached out to the home market. Their appliances offer professional quality drinks within your own walls. So which would we recommend going for? If you’re short of counter space, why not try the La Marzocco Mini? This is a compact piece of equipment and has a beautiful, sleek, minimal aesthetic. The range offers high-end espresso and filter machines in traditional black, silver and red colours. If you have a more modern look in your home, then the Francis Francis X1 Espresso machine in blue might better suit your tastes. This modern design has an almost space-age feel to it and will make you the perfect brew at any time of the day.

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