Saskatoon Berry (Juneberry) Tiramisu Dessert Shooter

Saskatoon Berry (Juneberry) Tiramisu Dessert Shooter

If you are not familiar with this little gem of a berry, then you may know it by its alias “Juneberry”. A native to Canadian Western provinces,  as well as other parts of North America, the Saskatoon berry ripens in late July/early August. A purply-blue berry, it is actually cousin to the apple, although it looks more like a blueberry (with a nuttier flavour.)

She sent out long emails, detailing almost every aspect of their lives; the traveling (where they went, whom they visited, where they were going next), upcoming specialist appointments, and treatment options. But she never once mentioned the word cancer. Nor did she ever say that everything would be okay -that Uncle Garry was going to be okay. I ached to read those words.

Instead, she wrote things like, “we have to enjoy these things now because you never know what the future holds….”

But I have to say that admired her for that; for all of it – composing what must have felt like endless updates, forced to immerse herself in every last painful detail. I guess it made her feel like she was helping – by keeping us all in the loop. And perhaps it was somehow cathartic; her way of coping.

I didn’t even realize that Auntie Sue and Uncle Gary weren’t actually related to me until I was about 10 years old. It was disappointing and I didn’t understand it. I called them Aunt and Uncle, we spent more time with them than many of our blood relatives, we even took many of our summer vacations together, not to mention endless camping trips.There were certainly others I’d much rather not have been related to. But we don’t get to pick our relatives.

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