Watermelon Cucumber Refrigerator Pickles

Watermelon Cucumber Refrigerator Pickles

Are you looking for the best refrigerator pickles recipe? You need to start with the best cucumber, then!

These watermelon cucumber quick pickles are as adorable as they are delicious. Easy to make, sweet and sour with an incredible taste.

This makes a small batch, no cook for crispy and crunchy overnight success. Try them for your next BBQ summer party or potluck, they will make you the star of any gathering and are super portable for picnics, too.

Our garden is finally in full bloom. Tomatoes slowly ripening, sweetcorn ready to harvest, one raspberry turning red a day.

There also happen to be two top producing cucumber plants. Right next to them, we added two mini cucumber plants.

I assumed them to be regular snacking cucumbers, since they weren’t label in any other way than “mini cucumbers”.

The plants were positively thriving, seemingly growing bigger by the minute, hundreds of tiny little strands hugging their supportive bamboo sticks.

So many tiny blossoms, so many tiny cucumbers that just wouldn’t get any bigger.

Cucumber Refrigerator Pickles

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