Mediterranean Protein Power Pasta Salad


Mediterranean Protein Power Pasta Salad

I fell in love with the Mediterranean philosophy of good wine, good food & family.

-Stephen White

I love this quote because it truly speaks to the soul. Good wine, food & family are all you in life to be happy.

What I love most about Mediterranean food is that it has this ability to fill you up and leave you feeling light and airy at the same time.

The obsession for mediterranean food is REAL. I easily eat it once a week if not more. I may or may not have the Zoe’s Kitchen app on my phone & get free treats at least 3 times a month because I eat there so often.

Okay, so now that we have established I am a Mediterranean food freak, lets talk about this protein power pasta salad.

As I have stated before on the blog, I am not a huge meat eater. Because I do not consume protein through meat, I am constantly trying to find new fun ways to get those necessary benefits that come with consuming protein. That is where farro came into play. It is not only a good source of protein, but it also has many other health benefits!

I call this dish the Mediterranean protein power pasta salad because it can be eaten as a main dish (or a side) & gives you all the nutrients you need in one easy dish.

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