Portobello Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce (low carb)


Portobello Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce (low carb)

These portobello eggs with hollandaise sauce are a delicious low carb breakfast or lunch. Meaty portobellos, garlicky spinach and a sunny side up egg, topped with a rich and delicious hollandaise sauce.

I saw portobello mushroom caps in the store the other day and was trying to think about what I can make with them. Have you ever tried them? They are so flavorful and at the perfect vehicle to stuffed with other tasty ingredients. Today I was think I would go with a nice breakfast or brunch recipes and came up with these portobello eggs with hollandaise sauce. I was going to make it more like eggs benedict but decided to nix the ham and keep it more of a vegetarian dish. It was elegant yet easy and tasty! Definitely makes a great lunch too!

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