Italian Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

Italian Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potato

One Pan Dinner!  Instant Pot Version Included – Easy Italian Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

I love this recipe so much, I’ve definitely posted it several times over the years in random eats posts.  I mean what’s easier than cooking a sweet potato and filling with veggies and ground meat?  I would think nothing, that was, until I got an instant pot!  Now the instant pot makes the whole process even easier, something I thought was not possible

Basically all you do is cook the sweet potato in the instant pot, I found a SUPER helpful chart which I linked in the recipe below for cooking times, and then use the saute function to cook the filling.  ONE DISH – VERY LITTLE CLEAN UP! I use hot italian turkey or chicken meat when I’m cooking for me and sweet italian turkey or chicken when I’m cooking for Mr. Hungry.  I usually get my ground meat at Sprouts or Whole Foods.  Let me know if you try this one, it’s one of our favorites!  Bonus, it’s freezer friendly.  I found this out because in my cooking frenzie trying to get August recipes photographed before we moved into the apartment I froze a ton of food.  This one I thought would be mushy and gross when I reheated it but it was actually DELICIOUS!

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