Sun Dried Tomato Dipping Oil

Sun Dried Tomato Dipping Oil

Dip your crusty bakery bread loaf in true Italian flavor with this easy to make sun-dried tomato dipping oil.

I’m lucky to have traveled to Italy during my college years and what I remember most is how delicious everything tasted. Authentic is how I would describe true Italian foods.

So I feel lucky to have found this olive oil grown from olives grown in the Sicily region of Italy. Velvety with notes of artichokes, almonds and pepper – this oil is perfect for creating my sun-dried tomato and basil dipping oil.

Served alongside a boule of crusty Italian bread, you’ll taste fresh basil paired with sun-dried tomatoes and salty grated parmesan cheese in my dipping oil. It’s the perfect accompaniment to any homemade loaf.

Yes…you may have to make more than one bread boule when making this dipping oil. It’s that good!

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