Beer Battered “Mini” Corn Dogs

Beer Battered “Mini” Corn Dogs

Raise your hand if you also thought your entire world was right the day corn dogs were being served in the cafeteria for lunch as a kid? I’m currently raising both hands. This girl LOVED her a hot dog dipped in batter and fried to golden completion as a kid…and I still do today!

While you can’t always change a classic, there are several ways to give your corn dog a new edge. You can wrap the hot dog in cheese before adding the batter, cut them into extra small corn dog bites or even add different spices to the batter to give it a different taste.

My twist on a classic though is all about the batter. The epitome of the perfect corn dog is the batter or “crust”. If it is not crunchy on the outside & soft on the inside, your corn dog could be ruined. In efforts to create the perfect crispy “crust” I used a secret ingredient, ice cold light beer!

The beer adds flavor, creates a light batter & fries perfectly in the oil!


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