How to Make a Rustic Grapevine Basket Planter

How to Make a Rustic Grapevine Basket Planter

If you have a lot of wild vines growing in your yard, you can easily make a rustic basket by weaving them together. They make great planters, and many different types of vines, especially grapevines, work well for this rustic craft.

In the spring I made a simple grapevine wreath from vines left over from the winter.  Here we are in summer, and I’m finding more and more. So, after I gathered a large bunch of these wayward vines, I decided to try and weave a basket.

Using four of the longest and strongest vines, start forming the base of the basket by crossing them in the middle as shown above. These will be the side supports.

Next take another vine and weave it over and under the side vines, as tightly as you can. Since  you are working with an even number of sides, when you come back to the first side, you will have to go under two or go over two, to keep the weaving on the right track, and then proceed with the over and under weaving. Each time you get to the beginning spot go over or under two, and then back to over and under one.


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