Vodka Tonic Ice Pops

Vodka Tonic Ice Pops

Okay friends, let’s talk about adult beverages.

  1. They are delicious
  2. You deserve one or two after a hard week
  3. Why should you have to drink them out of a boring glass every time?

The best part about your childhood summers was when you heard the ice cream man coming down your street. (Try to act like you aren’t imagining the ice cream truck jingle right now, I dare you).

When the truck finally made its way down to your house & you had pestered your parents enough to give you a few dollars to get a treat it was the best feeling in the world. While majority of the time I went for a drumstick, if it was a particularly hot day I went for a ice pop. The artificial fruit flavor was yummy & you didn’t end up sticky after eating it because you just pushed the icey treat up the plastic tube until you were finished!

So I ask again, why should you limit your adult beverages to glass? It is summer time, we all deserve to be able to eat ice pops & if a little alcohol is thrown in then so be it!

Vodka tonic with a splash of lime is my go to pool drink because you can sip on them all day without feeling gross and bloated afterwards. Because I keep getting jealous of the kids eating ice pops at the pool, I decided to make my own adult version, aka vodka tonic ice pops!

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