The Yellow Hammer Slammer

The Yellow Hammer Slammer


Rammer Jammer, Yellow Hammer, Give ‘Em Hell Alabama!

-The University of Alabama Football Chant

Happy football season friends! I have been waiting for 234 days for this moment!

I had the privilege of going to The University of Alabama for 6 glorious years in college (undergraduate + graduate school) and loved every second of it!

While I was in college I frequented Gallettes, aka one of the most iconic bars in Tuscaloosa, more times than I can count. Gallettes is THE spot to be at on game day because of their famous Yellow Hammer drink. It is that fun kind of drink that tastes like orange juice that has a secret kick of alcohol you never saw coming. It also comes in its famous yellow Gallettes cup & if you didn’t have one on game day, did you really go to the game?

Every one of Alabama’s students tried their best to guess what was in this citrusy concoction but never came up with the right recipe and you know I love a challenge! So in honor of Alabama’s first game of the year against Florida State I tried my hand at recreating a college favorite!

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