Chicken Shawarma Mediterranean Salad

Chicken Shawarma Mediterranean Salad

Chicken Shawarma Mediterranean Salad – flavorful juicy chicken, grilled to perfection on top a crunchy super chopped salad for flavor in every single bite! Gluten Free 

Grilled Chicken Shawarma Mediterranean Salad – the perfect extra filling extra flavorful salad! Surprise dressing!

There is a restaurant chain here in Arizona called Pita Jungle.  When we lived in the apartment temporarily in between houses (I can’t believe that was only two weeks ago) there was a Pita Jungle in walking distance.  I was OBSESSED with this salad.  Mr. Hungry and I would go there, share this salad and some dolmas, and leave totally satisfied!  I knew I had to recreate this salad for you guys because it’s too good for you to not experience! Plus, I selfishly want to eat it all day long every day.

It’s literally loaded with flavor, it doesn’t even need a separate dressing!  At Pita Jungle they serve it with a lemon dressing which we never once used, so don’t worry that there is no dressing, I promise it will be crunchy, juicy, and bursting with flavor in every single bite.

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