Single Serving Pumpkin Pancake

Single Serving Pumpkin Pancake

A high protein convenient way to start your day with pumpkin! High Protein, Low Carb, One Serving!

If you aren’t excited about pumpkin season, you totally should be!  This pancake is one of the main reasons I get so excited for pumpkin season.  This pancake recipe is very similar to my two ingredients high protein pancake that uses banana.  The best part is pumpkin is a great workout fuel or refuel!  It’s a high starch low sugar food, so it can help you fuel and help you recover depending on when you eat it!   I recommend my Hungry Hobby RD clients regularly incorporate pumpkin into their diet to help them fuel/recover from workouts, fight high blood pressure (it’s high potassium), and add flavor to healthy foods!  As soon as pumpkin hits the shelves I try to send them healthy recipe ideas focused on their goals but also to get them as excited about pumpkin as I am.

How can you not get excited by that?  I’ve also been eating a boatload of pumpkin seeds to keep up with seed cycling and making my hormones work for me.   Pumpkin seeds are one of the BEST sources of tryptophan, a powerful mood regulator that will help you fight PMS mood swings as well as supply hormone balancing healthy fats.

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