Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Baked Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Don’t you love it when a recipe just falls together? These baked buffalo chicken nachos came about accidentally. And let me tell you, these were Nacho Ordinary Nachos.

We are big fans of buffalo chicken in this house and always have a bottle of sauce in reserve for game day all fall long.  While nachos made with ground beef is the traditional way to serve up this Mexican appetizer, it is also delicious served with spicy chicken.

Lucky for me we had buffalo wing sauce, tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream in the fridge. I used a cast-iron skillet to layer tortilla chips and cheese and warmed it up in the oven. I have a husband who doesn’t care so much for black beans but beans would add great flavor to this recipe.

Now the cast-iron skillet really helped keep the nachos warm for a good half an hour after pulling them from the oven. While I’ve made nachos on a sheet pan before, a cast-iron skillet is a great way to keep everything hot.

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