Black Cherry Jubes

Black Cherry Jubes

Black Cherry Jubes. Simple to make sweet, fruit jubes using only a handful of ingredients.

So I’ve never really forayed into the world of candy making but I’ve still (obviously) have a sweet tooth. Things like taffy and boiled lollies always looked like waaaaaay too much effort. But jubes, hmmm, not so much actually 🙂

Jubes have so many different names, so I wasn’t sure what to call them but I grew up with them being called jubes or even soft jellies or jelly jubes. Firm, but chewy jelly, coated in sugar that stay firm at room temp and you can hold in your hand.

Holy cow! These things are eeeeeeeaasy!!! 

You literally puree a tin of (insert-fruit-here) and mix it with some sugar and gelatine and pour it into a tin. This then firms up into a slab of sticky jelly that you coat in caster or superfine sugar and cut into desired shapes. You can even use chocolate moulds to make different shapes.

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