Creamy Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad

Creamy Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad

This Creamy Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad is fresh & delicious, super easy to make, and perfect for quick mid week meals, make ahead lunches and gatherings!

Seriously, this Creamy Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad is so good with hardly any effort at all and it’s flexible too. If you don’t have any asparagus feel free to replace it with green beans, artichokes or broccoli. All of them will work well. It’s easy to make gluten-free too. Just use a good gluten-free pasta.

This Creamy Asparagus Lemon Pasta Salad is incredibly easy to make. In fact it can be whipped up in the time it takes the pasta to boil. That’s just 10 minutes folks! How’s that for quickness? Just perfect if you get invited to a last minute get together or end up with unexpected guests who need feeding.

The secret to this pasta salad? Freshly picked asparagus, plump juicy lemons and good quality herbs and spices like these Crushed Red Chili Pepper flakes which add a lively kick to this dish.

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