Perfect Vanilla Cupakes with Custard Buttercream

Perfect Vanilla Cupakes with Custard Buttercream

Absolutely Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes topped with a creamy, Custard Buttercream. The cupcakes are made easily in one-bowl.

Do you get those cravings where you just can’t shake it until you’ve had that thing? I had that exact kind of craving for Custard Buttercream ever since making those cookies and dreamed up these gorgeous little cakes with the huge, perfect dollop of Custard Buttercream on top.

So  so this recipe starts with my Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes and I don’t use the word perfect lightly. Pinky promise! For me the perfect cupcake should meet a number of criteria
1. It’s gotta taste good
2. The texture should be light and fluffy
3. It should be moist. Definitely not dry.
4. It should be easy to make, aka one bowl.

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By Sugar Salt Magic

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