Purple Haze Mimosas

Purple Haze Mimosas

Too much of anything is bad. But too much champagne is just right.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald

While sitting in the stands on a Saturday in Greenville, North Carolina you will have the chance to experience of the greatest entrances in college football. Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze” begins to play as a light purple mist slowly makes its way across the field. Finally a wave of purple uniforms will break through the mist and across the field. This is East Carolina Football & this is one of the many great things about the university.

Besides their extremely unique football entrance, East Carolina is also known for their tailgates. It is not uncommon for Pirate fans to roll into their tailgate spots by 6:30am to begin preparing for battle. In a sea of purple and gold you will find corn hole games, hamburgers on the grill & music blaring throughout; it is truly a great time for all that attend.

Inspired by both my mans’ alma mater as well as his love for giving his Sunday brunch mimosas a splash of vodka, I give you the ultimate Purple Haze Mimosas!

These mimosas are made with 5 simple ingredients. Blueberry simple syrup creates the purple ombre look throughout the drink then you have a very generous amount of champagne as well as a splash of pineapple juice & vodka for flavor. Garnish the cocktail off with fresh blueberries & voila, you have the perfect tailgate drink!

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