Spicy Salmon Bowl with Corn Salsa

Spicy Salmon Bowl with Corn Salsa

There is no room for BS in my life, unless its Burritos and Salsa.


I’m all about some burrito bowls & corn salsa so thats the same thing right?

Recently I have been craving salmon.

While this is not uncommon, salmon is my go to protein when I am eating out, I just typically do not cook it at home for myself. Fresh salmon is typically expensive at the grocery store & so I save it for special occasions.

This time though I wanted to change up the protein and add a little spice to it. 1) Who would have ever thought that salmon would go perfectly with a burrito bowl? 2) Giving your salmon a quick spice rub before sautéing it is life changing!

This Spicy Salmon Burrito Bowl is about to be added into my meal circulation & I bet you will want to do the same. Between the spicy salmon filet, the freshness of the corn salsa, the delicious cauliflower rice & creamy dressing to top the bowl, this bowl is perfection!

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