Catalan Romesco Sauce

Catalan Romesco Sauce

Catalan Romesco Sauce. This beautiful dish has been around for hundreds of years – you won’t find a better or more authentic piece of Catalan history.

Every food has its history, and this romesco sauce has one more glorious than most. Hailing from Tarragona in Catalonia, it has been through six hundred years of developments and reiterations, and seen more changes to the political and social climates of Spain than we ever will. It’s been there, done that.

Originally created by fishermen in the fifteenth century, this romesco sauce is a classic in the truest sense of the word. We won’t be pretending we created this recipe – we didn’t. It comes from our amazing Catalan chef, Cris, and it’s one that needs to be shared.

Aside from obviously pairing well with fish, this romesco sauce goes with roasted calçots (a long sweet onion, much like a spring onion), peppers, and potatoes and whatever other veggies we can find at the mercado – and that’s what we’re interested in of course. It’s great as a dip and it can also be used as the dressing of a salad, with bitter greens complementing perfectly.

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