No Fail Sugar Cookies and Halloween Cookie Decorating tips

No Fail Sugar Cookies and Halloween Cookie Decorating tips

This no fail sugar cookie won’t spread, tastes amazing and is simple to make. Because it holds its shape, it’s easy to decorate with fondant.

This is my absolute favourite sugar cookie recipe, especially for decorating. They actually stay in the exact shape you cut them in! This makes decorating a snap because you can cut the exact same shape out of fondant and it will fit perfectly! If you are planning on decorating Halloween cookies or ANY cookies over the upcoming holiday season, this is the recipe to use. These easy sugar cookies are completely NO FAIL, hold their shape really well, do not spread and taste great!
These sugar cookies are also excellent for Halloween parties, as they are sturdy, won’t break en route, but they have a nice, soft texture. You can even personalize them for kids’ parties.


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