One Pot Rice Casserole with Pumpkin

One Pot Rice Casserole with Pumpkin

S-I-M-P-L-E  And, liiiike, SO SO DELICIOUS. That’s what this creamy-cheesy-fall-inspired one-pot-wonder is.

We’re talking, feeding your tummies, and your no-time-to-cook-gimme-easy-recipes needing lifestyles AT THE SAME TIME.

If you want me to be totally honest with you, I’m usually too busy making things like pumpkin spice latte vegan crepe cakes, vegan coconut curry with sweet potato noodles OR Asian Nicoise salad, and my brain glazes over the fact that few ingredients, with NOT MANY COOKING steps can actually be really delicious in your mouth.

ALSO: really really really cheap and pantry-essential-kinda-items (hey rice, why don’t I cook you more?!) can come together, meshing all their flavor profiles in one big pile of DELISH that you just want to face-plant into over and over and over for all the busy-day-easy-dinners-required happening in your life.

Really though. I’ve been equally too busy making cheesy Mexican quinoa and crock pot pizza quinoa , so rice has kinda LEFT THE BRAIN-BUILDING. It’s just been sitting in the back corner, lonely and crying over the fact that I’ve been leaving you guys out on its chewy, delicious and SO nutritious self.

Clearly, this needs to change. There’s TOTALLY a place for your creative-inner-self to come out and spend time prepping and creating recipes with all kinds of awesome ingredients.

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