Homemade Paleo Almond Joy Bars


These homemade paleo almond joy bars are a healthy, low carb remake of the classic candy bar that you will never believe are sugar, dairy, grain and gluten free!

Partially because, beyond the paleo witch finger cookies, homemade twix bars, and spooky mini banana cupcakes, I could NOT think of anything else “cutesy and festive for Halloween” that didn’t require ALL the not-so-good for-you ingredients.

But mostly because I am OBSESSED with the magical combination that makes up Almond Joy: creamy coconut and rich, deep, dark CHOCOLATE.

You knew this already from the crispy no bake almond joy bars, salted “Almond Joy” no bake bars and coconut almond skillet paleo brownies. You loved those JUST AS MUCH as I did, so I figure you’re not the LEAST bit mad at me for yet another coconutty-chocolatey-wanna-eat-them-all-at-once kind treat.

Especially when they are only 5 INGREDIENTS (!!!) LOW CARB and SUGAR FREE. <– Um. WUT.

Internet BFFS. This almond joy recipe has been defining BOTH Mr. FFF and I life lately in the sense that I have to make them OVER AND OVER again in order to keep up with how many he eats, so that I TOO can actually get the chance to ingest a few before food-stealing-husband enters the scene.

Feel like my hands are permanently covered in melty chocolate from a little coconut dip-dip-dip action, and VRY VRY okay with that.

How To Make Homemade Paleo Almond Joy

Toast your almonds. Mr. FFF and I think that this is VRY VRY necessary and key for maximal flavor. But, more on that later.
Blend unsweetened coconut flakes with monkfruit in a food processor until the coconut flakes break down. I LOVE using monkfruit here because it acts exactly like sugar. You don’t want to sub in something like honey, as it does have a different texture and changes things – I tried it.
Stream in some water and melted coconut oil. This helps the coconut stick together while blending. But, when it freezes and both become solid, that is when it has the REAL staying power!
Press into a parchment paper lined pan. DO NOT omit the parchment, and make sure you leave enough to use as a handle to life the bars out once frozen. A-L-S-O, cut the bars BEFORE you freeze them. After does NOT WORK. Listen to me on that one.
Freeze, freeze, freeze!
Break them apart, dip them in melted chocolate BLISS and YUM.

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