Jobs you Can Access By Studying A Political Science Degree While Travelling

Jobs you Can Access by Studying a Political Science Degree While Travelling

Politics is all around us, as we grow older it becomes harder and harder not to take an interest in the political situation of the world we live in. This is particularly true when travelling, most of us reach adulthood with only a limited understanding of politics and the nature of a political landscape, despite the prominent role it takes in our adult lives.

Studying for a political science degree is a fantastic way of not only broadening your own knowledge and horizons, it also unlocks the door to a variety of careers, many of which are completely unlike how we usually imagine a career built on political science should be.

The rise of online degrees, which are now offered by a number of leading universities, allows prospective students to study for a degree while they are travelling and begin to prepare for a long-term career. Below are some of the jobs that are opened up by studying for an online masters in political science while you travel.

Social Media Management

Social media is the most common means via which politicians and celebrities communicate with their fans. Social media is becoming ubiquitous and, because it is now a clear majority of the adult population that has access to and uses social media, it is a very effective means for a politician to keep their constituents up to date with any important announcements.

The role of a social media manager is simply to manage this account on behalf of a politician. It will be their responsibility to monitor how their audience responds to any social media posting and to work out how to best formulate policy and other ideas so that it is easily understood by those who read it.

It is important for social media managers to have an intimate understanding of the platforms they will be using, as well as being tech savvy and being good at communication. Social media managers need a good understanding of the underlying politics in order to work effectively.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts analyze the response from consumers to various marketing methods. Within the context of political science, the role of the market research analyst is to establish how effective a politician’s various methods of communicating with constituents are proving to be.

Understanding the role of surveys and opinion polling, both of which are used prominently as a means by which to measure public opinion regarding both politicians and policies themselves is also important.

If this kind of work appeals to you then you should consider studying an online degree in political science.

Political Consultant

Political consultants are among the most important advisors on any politician’s staff, they use their in-depth knowledge of the political process and consider information from a number of sources before making a determination as to how best advise their politician. Political consultants assist in devising both policy objectives and broader strategies.


A political science degree opens the door to a number of different careers which call on a diverse range of skills. Begin studying for your degree while travelling and afterwards you could find yourself working to make a real difference to your country.


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