Preparing To Go Under The Knife

Preparing To Go Under The Knife

There are many reasons why you might need surgery, but it is never something you want to undergo unless it is absolutely necessary. When you are told that surgery is the way forward for a particular condition, there is no doubt that that can be extremely concerning. It’s frightening to think you will be under the knife before long, but fortunately, there are ways you can try and make the most of the situation. At the very least, it is worth trying to find a way to calm the fear if at all possible. In this article, we are going to help you through the process of getting yourself psychologically ready for surgery. This will ensure that it goes off much easier and with less trouble than if you had not prepared.

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The Initial Shock

No matter what the surgery is for, it is likely that the news you need to go under the knife will be met primarily by shock. It’s a huge thing, after all, and it’s no surprise that people get quite so worried about it. You will at first feel a great deal of shock about having surgery, and it is a good idea to prepare yourself for that as best as you can. There are some things you can do to deal with the shock a little more smoothly. For a start, remind yourself that it is actually a good thing that you are getting surgery. After all, it means that what could have been a much more severe problem is actually being sorted quickly and effectively. It’s also a good idea to remind yourself that the professionals who will be operating on you are well versed in what they are doing, so there is no reason to panic.

Although coping with the initial shock is probably not easy by any means, you will find it is necessary to try so that you can approach the whole situation in a much more psychologically healthy manner. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with the support of your loved ones at this stage, as you will likely find that you need it now more than ever before. With a little help of this kind, you should be able to deal with the shock reasonably efficiently.

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The Worry About Infection

There are many things that might be concerning you when you discover you need to have surgery. One of the most common concerns is the fear of infection. You might have heard horror stories about people in surgery getting bad infections which then affect their health in the future in awful ways. While there are reports of this, many of the worst cases are from years ago, and it is now much less likely than ever before that you will get any kind of infection from being in surgery. The risk of disease is now lower than it has ever been at any time throughout history. This should help you to worry a little less about the procedure itself, but of course, there might be other concerns which are preying on your mind too. Let’s look at some more worries which we might be able to put to rest.

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Mistakes & Malpractice

Of course, it would be dishonest to say that surgery never goes wrong, or that surgeons do not make mistakes. Such things do occur, but they are so rare that it is hardly worth worrying about. It also depends hugely on what kind of surgery you are actually having done. You would be surprised at how many kinds of surgery are now wholly routine, and which almost never go wrong in any way at all. Still, if it is really worrying you, it is best to remember that the chances of anything untoward occurring are relatively slim. If you have good doctors and other medical professionals working on you, then you really shouldn’t feel any need to worry. Remember too that you always have a choice of hospital, so if you don’t entirely trust one team of surgeons, you can still go elsewhere instead.

From time to time, something may go wrong, and it is worth knowing in advance what your options are if this happens to you. If you feel that your surgeon has been guilty of medical malpractice, a medical malpractice lawyer can help you to understand what you can do. But you will probably also want to go to another medical practice to avoid having treatment from those same doctors again, in which case you might want to seek help for finding a new hospital or similar. Remember that you always have options – knowing that will help you to be less nervous going into the procedure.

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Preparing Emotionally

Before you go into the surgery, it is essential that you find a way to prepare yourself emotionally for what lies ahead. Being psychologically ready to undergo the procedure is the most important thing of all, and also one of the most difficult to achieve, so it is worth looking into now to put you in the best possible position when the time comes. Above all, you will need to find a way to keep yourself calm before you go into hospital. Now is probably a good time to keep yourself busy with other things in life, especially if you are able to move around and so on. There is no shame in distracting yourself at least a little – if nothing else, it will help you to avoid wallowing in whatever fears you might have about the impending surgery.

You should also consider some calming and relaxation techniques, as these can really help you to keep your emotions in check before the big day. The worst is if you have a long wait before the date of the surgery itself. Regardless, the same still applies – just try to remember to breathe deeply at all times, relax your body and mind, and don’t let yourself think too far ahead. Remaining present here is likely to be a sensible idea. If you are finding that difficult to do, you might want to consider taking up some basic meditation practices in the meantime. This can really make all the difference in the world to how you feel going into the surgery.

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There is evidence that the more psychologically sound people fare better in surgery, so there is a perfect reason to bother with this practice. Look after your mind, and it is much more likely that your body will come out the other side in good shape.

Preparing Physically

It’s not just your mind you need to look out for, of course. It is also essential to take care of your body in the days and weeks leading up to the surgery. There might be specific instructions you have been given as to what not to eat or drink and so on, and you should, of course, pay close attention to that advice. But it’s also a good idea to just generally take care of yourself, as this will ensure that your immune system is as robust as possible. That, in turn, will mean a more comfortable surgery and less chance of anything going wrong.

To prepare your body for surgery, exercise a little in the preceding week (if possible), but also allow it plenty of rest. Be careful with how many poisons you ingest, and indeed it is a good idea to do away with alcohol and caffeine entirely. Beyond which, both of those will not do your anxiety about the surgery any good anyway. You should also be sure to eat well, but not too much, and be sure to avoid any specific foods which you have been told not to touch. If possible, stop smoking anything or taking any drugs. You should also avoid aspirin and similar pain medications, if possible, as these can affect the body’s ability to clot blood, and that can be important during surgery. Overall, do whatever you can to try and maintain your body’s strength but without overworking it. Look after your body, and it will fare much better under the knife. You will also feel better in yourself, which always helps too.

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Ask For Explanations

If you are unsure about the procedure itself, it is a good idea to ask a doctor to explain it to you. This is much more sensible than going online to find out what you can expect, as you can never entirely trust the information you find online. But if you ask your surgeon what will happen, it might help you to wrap your head around it, and that can mean that you are less anxious about the whole procedure. In general, the more you understand, the better off you are, so be sure to seek whatever information you feel you need before the surgery itself.

With any luck, your surgery will go off without a hitch, and you will be able to carry on with your life in the usual manner. Prepare yourself as best you can and try not to over-worry, and all should be fine.

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