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Livedan330 was birthed humbly in April, 2013 when Dan’s Pinterest following reached 1.6 million people (pinterest.com/dan330).  We were smartly advised to start a blog, which led to the creation of livedan330.com.  It’s a lifestyle magazine (the live) brought to you by Captain Dan (the dan) who flew the airbus 330 (the 330) for a living.  So livedan330 took off.

Dan330.com is all Food, Gardening, and Travel with a general focus on family, home and fun.  The cast of characters begins with Dan the pilot and his wife of 40 years, Laurie, the artistic and tasteful one.  The brains behind the whole operation is their son Chris who married the lovely Sarah who have 4 incredible children.  Chris and Sarah are known to run marathons, travel, coach, volunteer and wrangle their herd in and out of the house and car on a daily basis. 

Dan was the first captain to fly an Airbus330 in Delta colors to Atlanta after the merger of Northwest Airlines and Delta. This is from the PR shoot of the event.

Capt. Dan Ashbach, flew first A330 in Delta livery to ATL

Laurie works in her home jewelry studio and blogs.  When she’s not busy working, she crafts with the grandkids, knits, babysits and rides her own Harley across the country with Dan.  


Chris is an outdoors-man and adventurer, pilot, marketing and business teacher, and has a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University.

Sarah is mom and living calendar all in one. Able to keep her peeps focused and delivered to all their appointments and activities, suitably dressed and ready for action.  

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The dan330 magazine also has numerous blog contributors.  Their biographies can be found under at the end of each post.

This blog is a part of the Dan330 brand.

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