Ambassador Program

Hey brands, we need to talk. Promoted social and content is a very big thing and it is growing very fast. We want you to stay on the cutting edge. Digital, on-demand content is taking over and it is increasingly more important to engage your brand with more than a blog post or facebook update. What worked a year ago, is not going to be the future.


As ambassadors of your brand, we ask for a monthly fee. We will write posts, engage our following of nearly 2,000,000 followers, and show up for events and shows if you are local to live stream. Basically, we will be your advocate online and keep the buzz going about you.

You can read more about us on our Media Kit:


We are early adapters to VR/AR, and live streaming. We are also top pinners on Pinterest, and have hundreds of thousands of twitter followers. Let’s chat about what your goals are and how we can be your Ambassador. We think this is perfect for awesome brands that want more engagement but can’t afford to buy the social promotions or hire an in-house social media team.

We want to be your Ambassadors in this new world. In short, we continue to be awesome on social media and make great content. But we do it with and for your brand. I want to personally talk to you to discuss how this really works. Please contact me here. Further down in the post, I share a few of my thoughts on some of the cutting edge tools coming up in social and content marketing.

I want to mention one last thing. We are very good at sponsored social so we will work with you budget large or small. If you only have $500 to spend or have $50,000, we can work with you.

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Live Streaming

Live streaming is crushing the scene right now and letting brands talk to their customers live, in person, and in a real way. Companies like Periscope and Meerkat are leading the way.


Follow me on Periscope here. This is a casual way to connect, show behind the scenes footage, highlight an event, product launch, and most importantly connect live in a real and authentic way with real viewers and real customers.


What?! You never head of Blab? Well you can’t say that anymore. Don’t worry, we will host it for you. Let us organize and run your blab. In short, it is an interactive way to set up a live streaming meeting of up to four people. You can’t get more direct and engage in a stronger way than to publicly show a video meeting. Viewers can share, interact, or ask for a seat in the show. Why aren’t you doing this!!!! You customers are awesome and they are probably your biggest advocates. If they aren’t, you need to figure out why.

Watch us on Blab here.

We have a new blab at 3:30 every Thursday and we invite other influencers and bloggers to join us as we engage with our audience. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could share your awesome products or experiences? Who wants to take me on a Blab in Key West this January? (nudge … Florida?)

Virtual Reality and Alternate Reality

In 2016, major players like Facebook are releaseing VR and AR platforms. If you aren’t making content right now, you are missing an opportunity with these platforms. Let me give you an example of what these are. I manage cabins in Northern Minnesota. Which one of these do you think is a better experience for my customers. The VR tour or the image? This technology isn’t just for nerds anymore. This is real. It’s converting to customers at these cabins, and it will send a clear message to your customers that you care about their experience … in everything they do with you.

Here’s a great picture of one cabin:

Dining Room at End of the Road Cabin
Eat Dinner, and watch the sunset on our HDTV … I mean giant window.

But, here’s an immersive VR Tour of the same cabin:

Get the difference? Imagine what you could show about your company, product, or experience. Let me tickle your brain a little further with some 360 degree video. Watch  YouTuber FunForLouis in this 360 video. Just grab the screen with your mouse to spin around and look up and down. You’ll get it.