Outdoor Room Ideas

April 1, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

The garden is an extension of your home, so there is no reason you can’t give just as much attention to your outdoor rooms as you do your indoor ones! Just remember to look at your outdoor room in the same way…floor, walls, ceiling, furniture and…

DIY Garden Swings

March 30, 2014 Dan Ashbach 2

The garden season is upon us, and what better way to spend time in a garden than in a DIY garden swing? Make it yourself and save money, but better still, customize it to your style and needs. Many of these projects repurpose supplies, and most are…

Ornamental Edibles

March 29, 2014 Dan Ashbach 1

I’ve always loved having edibles in my garden. It isn’t a new idea, cottage gardens in Europe traditionally combined growing vegetables for the family along with table flowers, due to the small spaces most people had in those times. And cottage…

One Day Backyard Projects

March 19, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Most of us are really busy, and if we end up spending several weekends in the yard finishing projects, they tend to not get finished. I like simple, and fast for most of the DIY projects I do…probably because, if you ask Steve, I have an issue with…

DIY Kids Outdoor Playset Projects

February 28, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

I think I started my love affair with the outdoors, and the garden, when I was a kid playing outdoors until the street lights came on and my bare feet were tired. Kids need to be outdoors from a young age, but they also need to be able to play with…

Create an outdoor space that ‘wows’

January 21, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

(BPT) – Whether you own a cozy cottage or mega mansion, as a homeowner, you likely embrace the outdoor living trend. But when you look at your deck or patio, does it leave something to be desired? By taking a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, you can…

10 Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Summer

January 17, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Summer can be a busy time in the garden. When summer tempts us outside to enjoy the warm weather with BBQs and family gatherings, it’s nice to have a beautiful garden to enjoy it in. Here are 10 tips to make sure your garden will be at its best for…

Gardening 101 for Families

January 12, 2014 Dan Ashbach 0

Gardening 101 for Families (via http://www.nerdymoms.com) If you’re new to gardening, you might feel intimidated by all the things you need to know; soil condition, […]