Frazier Island

December 28, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

Memories of Oz: Fraser Island (via Finding the Universe) Given that previous entries in this series have focused on entire states, it may seem a […]

Tranquil Anguilla, A Foodie’s Taste of Paradise

December 21, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

Situated about one mile east of St. Martin in the northeastern portion of the Caribbean, Anguilla is a tiny and pristine eel-shaped island (anguilla meaning eel in Italian) in the British West Indies. Though it’s a scant 35 square miles , don’t…

Snorkelling the Stunning Similan Islands

December 10, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

Oh Thailand. Easy to travel, relatively cheap, stunningly beautiful. I’ve already waxed lyrical on a whole host of destinations from our three month adventure around this Asian country, and today, I’m going to wax some more! If you happen to be…

Cayman Islands that fascinate

December 7, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

The Cayman Islands are located in the western part of the Caribbean Sea, about 240 km. South of Cuba, and about 290 miles northwest of Jamaica. A real marine paradise, offering a variety of experiences, from the possibility of approaching mansa poisonous…

Beaches of the Caribbean, the ideal vacation

December 4, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

White Sands, crystal clear waters, glistening Sun and an indescribable blue, so you can enjoy if you choose the wonderful beaches of the Caribbean. The perfect combination between the pure nature and absolute relaxation and unforgettable sunsets is…

Untouched Paradise

December 1, 2013 Dan Ashbach 0

  If the cruise ships and tourist hoards docking at St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands make the chain a little too bustling for your Caribbean vacation, head further east to the quieter British Virgin Islands (BVI). They’re harder to get to but…