So how did a family of outdoorsy travel enthusiasts end up with a huge following in the food category? Here is the back story of how we got into food.

In 2012, Dan330 was one of a few major profiles on We had one of the largest gardening boards on Pinterest, which was great!  … until gardening season ended. From April to August, our traffic was high, but then it dropped off in the fall and through the winter. This led us to dig deeper into the content on Pinterest and to find what our readers were interested in besides gardening.

BeastdarkThe idea of bringing in produce from the garden to the table led us to focus on food as one of a handful of major categories on our site. Thus, we began or journey of food blogging. It wasn’t long until we started entering contests and won the Boars Head Bold Boldest Bracket Contest in 2014 with our sandwich called the “Leviathan.”

Today, we continue to focus on food; balanced with travel, gardening, DIY and social media marketing. We have grown quite a bit since the early days of our food blogging. The journey has brought us from amateur photographers, to professionals and our waist sizes are just a little bigger now too.

When you search our food section, you will quickly notice that we organized it into categories. But we also made several landing pages for specific interests that fit our site including: S’mores, Tailgating, Manly Food, Crock Pots and Chicken Crock Pot Recipes, Blueberry Recipes, Comfort Food, Drinks, Fall Recipes, Fresh From The Garden, and more. 

By 2014, we started inviting other food bloggers to post on our site and now have a steady stream of guest contributed content. We have well over 60 bloggers that contribute posts to our site today. Here are some of the very best Food Bloggers that are Featured on Featured Food Bloggers

Headshot MediumShinee of

Born and raised in Mongolia, Shinee (Shin-eh) now lives in rural North Dakota with her rancher husband. Living in a country and not having access to many restaurants and bakeries led her to cooking and experimenting in her own kitchen. On Sweet & Savory by Shinee, she blogs about various finger food, bite-size desserts and appetizers, cakes and cocktails. It’s always party time on her blog! All her recipes include step-by-step photo instructions.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 2.10.45 PMPaula Jones of

Paula has always loved to cook and has been cooking and experimenting in the kitchen since she was a teenager. She’s a Southern gal living in the birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo, MS. She won the Mississippi Magazine Recipe contest in 2011 and started Call Me PMc in 2012 as a way to share recipes with her friends.

Outside the kitchen, Paula enjoys reading, running, spending time with her family and SEC football.

DSC_6580Krissy Allori of

There are three things I never tire of talking about: my kids, food and photography.  With my personality, I will do things halfheartedly if I view them as something I’m not interested in but have to do.  Laundry, for example.  But when it comes to something I’m passionate about – watch out.  That’s how I am when it comes to food, photography & my kids.  When I realized that sharing a food blog would incorporate all three, there was no stopping me.

I have a full time job in the high tech industry, do photography on the side, and am fully invested in my kids school & after school activities.  So when I thought about taking on a food blog my response was “heck yeah”.  Why?  Because I LOVE food, I LOVE talking about food, I LOVE photographing food, and both my foodie-in-training kids and my convert-foodie-husband LOVE to eat what I make.  That’s a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN situation, right?

show-me-the-yummy-gravatarTrevor and Jennifer Debth of

We’re Trevor and Jennifer, the creators behind Show Me the Yummy! We live in Madison, Wisconsin with our 70lb lap dog, Teddy. On our site, you’ll find easy recipes for yummy food!

meroundsmrrDenise Z. Wright of

Denise is a food blogger with a love for food, family and all things related to a healthy life style. When she’s not home cooking new recipes for her blog, she’s busy taking care of her wonderful family. She has a great husband, the best 11 year old boy there is, two wild and crazy in laws, step children, grand babies, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and now a new puppy. She always thought there was  a “trick” or easier way of doing everyday tasks and was pretty good at figuring them out. Her blog, My Life Cookbook is a compilation of all the recipes, tips and “tricks” that she’s learned along the way and wants to share with you.