Mission of Dan330

We’re Not Just Entertainment. We Live … “How to do things.”

This might seem like an odd slogan, but that’s what we teach. My grandparents survived the great depression because they knew how to do things. They didn’t ask experts or wait for help. They took care of themselves. We have become a generation of wimps. It seems many of the basics have been lost in our world of fast-food, sport-filled, school-focused, overly-protective, full-calendar, entertain-me culture. We exist to help teach you get back to knowing “how to do things” … for once in your life.

An Example

This year, I started canning on a decent scale. I decided to up that ante for next year and will be making all of the red sauces for my family for the year (among other things). People thought it was crazy. But, I did the math. My family of 6 uses 24 quarts of spaghetti and pizza sauce, 52 pints of ketchup, 30 quarts of tomato juice for bloody Mary’s, and about 10 quarts of salsa to get through the winter. Now, the average tomato plant produces 20 pounds of tomatoes. When we made ketchup this year, it took 26 pounds to make 6 pints. The spaghetti, juice, and salsa are about 3.75 pounds per quart. [doing math in my head on a calculator] that comes to 465 pounds of tomatoes, or just 24 plants! I’ll add a few heirloom plants for fresh tomatoes in the summer, but that only takes up the same space as a small deck! You can do this in your yard right now and I want to show you how.

Here’s why this is so great: 1) you won’t have to buy any of this from the grocery store so you can save money. 2) It is local. 3) It is organic. 4) It is as fresh as it gets. 5) It is much better tasting than anything you can buy. 5) It is a way to teach your kids where food comes from and it teaches them responsibility if you make them help. 6) You will never want to buy the plastic, corporate, stored-in-a-warehouse-somewhere food again. Plus, you can be just like grandma … knowing how to do things … for once in your life.

Read our blog, and I’ll teach you “how to do things” too.

Committed to Quality Content

Dan330.com only uses blogger-created content shared in a fun and informative style. We don’t rely on professional writers, photographers, or experts. So I guess you are stuck with us. Neither will we fill our site with user generated content. Our goal is to provide our readers (you) with authentic, high-quality content produced by other real people. We believe this is the most helpful information for the average person. Most importantly, our site is about one real person sharing with another real person.

If you have blog that finally teaches somebody something, we would love to have you featured. We love comments from our readers and we would love to have you do that in our comments below a post. Have a question? contact us.

Why On God’s Great Earth Do We Do This?!

One word: Leadership.

Leadership is a two-pronged endeavor. It’s both the why and the how of “how to do things.” Not only do I want you to actually be competent adults that know how to do things, I want you to know why you are doing them.  Weird, right? Hold on, this is about to get a lot more aggressive: Ultimately, if this site is successful, you won’t even need this site anymore. Mind Blown! So I guess we are bloggers who want you to actually mature, grow and have purpose for what you do … to the point that you don’t even need us anymore. That’s weird, but that is the point.