Urban Diamond Mining – Find Your Treasure

Have You Ever Lost An Earring or Had A Stone Fall Out of a Ring?

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urban miningPeople lose jewelry all the time. Usually it is insured and it often is not even looked for. If you have ever lost any jewelry or precious metals or stones, you know exactly what I am talking about. But, wouldn’t it be nice to know techniques for finding your lost jewelry? Or, what a blessing you could be to someone else if you found and returned their diamond or earring!

In the spring of 2015, we tested our ideas and found several pieces of jewelry. Albeit, most of it was junk.  We took it to a local jeweler to estimate what the value was. He told us he thought it was about $8,000, mostly because of two real diamonds we found. If you want to learn how we find these treasures, you should buy this book.  I tell more of the story below.


How This All Started

Urban Diamond Mining came about due to an unlikely meeting in a parking lot while unloading a semi-truck. The idea for urban diamond mining came from a guy named Dan. After a few meetings, I challenged him to show me what he could do over the next few months during the spring of 2015. Thinking this whole deal is dead, I was surprised when he gave me a call back. After a multi-week test of walking on a semi-regular basis he calls me up and says, “This works. You have to see what I found here.” We met at a local bar where he proceeded to dump out a small bag onto the countertop:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 10.33.04 AM

Convinced I wanted to know more, Dan takes me out on a walk. The first time out I found an earring. It was costume jewelry, but I got the idea. Ever since, we have been finding random treasures like this all around town. Our book will teach you the same techniques we use. Just think, one discovered and unclaimed stone could be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and more than pay for this book.

Sample Chapter

Table of Contents:

Preface                                            2
Boring Legal Stuff:                       3
Introduction                                  4
Forward                                          6
We’re Regular Guys … Anyone Can Do This 8
Why Mine?                                    9
The Urban Diamond Mining System 11
Step 1: Hot Zone Research         12
Step 2: Strategy                            16
Step 3: Tools                                 25
Step 4: Measuring Success        26
What You Can Expect Over Time 27
Education                                      28
Conclusion                                    28

Why Mine?

This section is a quick overview of why you should start Urban Diamond Mining in you local metro area.

Treasure Is Amassed in Cities.

Part of your success will depend on your mind set.  This is really important as it will keep you focused on your search. Let’s start with just a few facts: The annual global sales of loose polished diamonds is well into the billions of dollars. The U.S. share of that market is also large. The U.S. is by far the largest consumer of diamonds in the world.  With so many precious stones and the jewelry that holds them in the U.S., where do we start looking for it? Per the 2010 U.S. Census 80.7 percent of the U.S. population now lives in the urban centers.  That’s 249,253,271 jewelry consuming people living in America’s cities. That’s exactly where it is worn, where it breaks, and where we may find it. In a later chapter, we’ll talk about where in those cities you’ll have your greatest success.

Treasures Break, Fall, and Are Lost Every Day

Many people have, or know someone who has, experienced the loss of a precious stone. Sometimes a stone breaks off of a ring, other times the clasp on a gold neckless breaks causing it to slip off. Maybe the back on an earring fails and a diamond stud is lost. We’re not talking about the misplaced ring in the house. We’re talking about the truly lost stone or jewelry piece while someone was out and about. By the time most people notice a stone, necklace, or earring is missing, it’s too late to begin looking because they just don’t know where it was dropped.  Most of these are never found by the person who lost it. This is so common that many jewelers advertise free diamond replacement when you lose a diamond as long as you get the prongs checked by them at least every six months. Most major insurance companies also provide jewelry coverage because this happens so frequently. Most people do not realize how quickly prongs can deteriorate or a clasp wears out. Bad news for them can be potentially a great find for you.


Urban Diamond Mining is all about your mind set and how diligent you are about looking for this treasure. We know that losing stones and finished jewelry is very common. We know that the bulk of jewelry and stones are in the U.S. and we know the bulk of all this jewelry is in urban areas. So high traffic metropolitan areas are a great place to start.

As we dive into our experience, we will cover exactly where and when to look. Always remember this is real. Stones and jewelry are lost everyday. After reading this book, you will know where and how to look for them. This is different than finding loose change or a stamp on the ground. It may take days to find one, and the payoff is relatively small with those, but when you find a stone, it’s worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. We have found diamonds, pearls, and finished jewelry that is worth thousands of dollars. Our investment has been a good pair of walking shoes.

You won’t have to invest millions in mining leases and equipment to find out if your lease has any gold in it. Let’s face it, very few people are going to actually do that.  But, with Urban Diamond Mining, anyone can do if they have a pair of shoes and a little time to take walks. At the end of the day, you can always go to your favorite restaurant or spa and relax after a fun day of exploring.


Before we get to our successful system of finding urban diamonds. We would like to say a few things about the ethics of finding valuable jewelry and diamonds.

We always try to find the original owner of a piece of jewelry that we find. You would want something you lost returned to you, right? So be a good neighbor and citizen. Also, please check and follow your local laws regarding finding valuables, and follow traffic and pedestrian rules as well.


Safety may seem obvious but here are a few things that we have learned.  You’re out mining in a heavily congested area and you’re highly focused on those seams and cracks. Suddenly, you spot the glimmer of a diamond. Before bending over to pick it up think about who may or may not be coming up right behind you.  More than once we have stopped to examine something and been almost hit by another walker or biker coming up behind us.  This is really common, so use common sense.

Street corners can be great places in downtown areas.  There are a lot of people being funneled to these crossings on their way to or from work.  We have found things a number of times in these locations.  Twice, in our excitement to get to the item, we moved too quickly and had to jump back from oncoming cars. Your biggest hazards are the cars and bikers. Pause, and be aware of your surroundings. Safety is far more important than finding a diamond.

Dealing with pedestrian traffic is very important as well. Let’s say you find a loose diamond and you are in a heavy traffic urban setting.  Move away from people to examine it.  Our feeling is that you never really know who is around you at any one time. Do not draw peoples’ attention to the fact that you just found a diamond that is potentially very valuable.

The Urban Diamond Mining System

This handbook is going to show you how to research, hunt, and ultimately, with a little work and patience, start finding valuable precious metals and stones. We developed a system called the “Urban Diamond Mining System.” It includes the four steps below:

Hot Zone Research   +  Strategy   +  Tools   =   Measured Success

Hot Zone Research

First, identify what we call “Hot Zones.” We will show you how to identify Hot Zones near you, and then, how to measure the potential for your success in that hot zone on a given hunt.


Once your hot zone research is done, you are ready to put a good strategy to work. There are several strategies to use based upon terrain, time of day, and weather. Here we will teach you the techniques and strategies to use to maximize your odds of success.


You will learn that many of your findings will be stuck in cracks or need to be picked out of material. We have a tool set that you can purchase on our site at UrbanDiamondMiners.com. There are tools we use and have found to be invaluable.

Measured Success

If you follow this program for a while, you are likely going to have a collection of treasures. But are they real? Are they worth anything? Ultimately that is something you will want to know.

There are good ways and bad ways to cash in on your findings. First, be an upstanding citizen. We always try to return valuable items to their owners if possible. Many large diamonds will have serial numbers on them and can be identified. Most people cannot be tracked down, but with an honest attempt to find them, you will not have the guilt of stealing if you TRY to track them down first.

We will cover the Do’s and Dont’s of evaluating and hopefully cashing in on your newly found treasure.