Urban Diamond Mining | Treasure Hunting in Your Back Yard

Who is Urban Diamond Mining For?

Urban Diamond Mining is for anybody who likes adventure, curiosity, scavenger hunting, DIY, or just wants to find a lost earring and make a buck. This handbook will walk you through the techniques, strategies and tools we use to find lost jewelry. It is a great way to recover lost jewelry, and, when finding the original owners is impossible, making money on the side. Whether you are a treasure hunter, or are simply looking for lost jewelry, you need to have this book. 

Unlike the many reality TV shows about hunting for diamonds or gold, you don’t need to spend millions of dollars, and put your life on hold for months at a time hoping you find wealth buried somewhere in a remote corner of the globe. You can hunt for diamonds and precious metals right at home. When you have a bad day urban mining, you can always end it with a nice restaurant, ice cream, or swim with friends. You are not isolated on this job!

The Urban Diamond Mining System

This handbook is going to show you how to research, hunt, and ultimately, with a little work and patience, start finding valuable precious metals and stones. We developed a system called the “Urban Diamond Mining System.” It includes the four steps below:

Hot Zone Research   +  Strategy   +  Tools   =   Measured Success

Hot Zone Research

First, identify what we call “Hot Zones.” We will show you how to identify Hot Zones near you, and then, how to measure the potential for your success in that hot zone on a given hunt.


Once your hot zone research is done, you are ready to put a good strategy to work. There are several strategies to use based upon terrain, time of day, and weather. Here we will teach you the techniques and strategies to use to maximize your odds of success.


You will learn that many of your findings will be stuck in cracks or need to be picked out of material. We have a tool set that you can purchase on our site at UrbanDiamondMiners.com. There are tools we use and have found to be invaluable.

Measured Success

If you follow this program for a while, you are likely going to have a collection of treasures. But are they real? Are they worth anything? Ultimately that is something you will want to know.

There are good ways and bad ways to cash in on your findings. First, be an upstanding citizen. We always try to return valuable items to their owners if possible. Many large diamonds will have serial numbers on them and can be identified. Most people cannot be tracked down, but with an honest attempt to find them, you will not have the guilt of stealing if you TRY to track them down first.

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