VR and Panorama Photography in Twin Cities Area

We Offer VR and Panorama Photography

VR and Panorama Photography

Do you need a panorama or virtual tour of your home, business, or event? We can help.

We shoot a Canon 70D with a 12mm wide-angle lens for VR and panorama photography. This allows for great detail in the images when compared to VR’s taken with a fisheye. The images are post-processed with software to stitch them together. VR photography is 360 degrees wide by 180 degrees tall. It covers the entire visual range of the position of the camera.  These take a special tripod made for VR photography. You will receive all of the original photo’s, the stitched panorama, and if it is a VR shoot, the equirectangular image, “small planet” image, a Quicktime VR file, plus I can host it on round.me where you can link your space together and embed using an iframe on your website.

Here’s what we offer:

VR photograph – This image of the fish ponds in Waikoloa, Hawaii is 360 degrees wide by 180 degrees tall. These can be uploaded to various VR sites or used simply as a jpeg. 


This image is in the interior of Creekside Cabin at Elbow Lake Lodge.

This image is a beach at Red Indian Lodge. It is also 360 x 180 degrees. But this images is as HDR image. Notice the extra detail in the sky. 



Panorama – Single row of photographs stitched together up to 360 degrees. This is an image taken on a pontoon boat fishing at sunset. These can be taken indoors or outdoors. They don’t require any up or down shooting so are slightly less money.  These also work well for VR tours, but leave a hole in the top and bottom. 


Action Panorama – This is a single row of photographs tracking a subject’s movement. This is Rob demonstrating the action on a Row Bike. This is great for athletes or other subjects where you want to show the movement over time of an object. 

IMG_8220 Panorama

HDR – High Dynamic Range. This option includes dynamic blending to exposure correct different parts of the image. This can be helpful if shooting indoors when you want to showcase the views out of a window. You can see the difference between a standard image and an HDR image above by comparing the Waikoloa Fish Ponds to the Sky and Waves at Red Indian Lodge.


Every shoot requires a shooting fee of $200 for up to 4 hours on site plus travel time if outside of the Twin Cities metro area. Then the following fees apply:

VR photograph (360×180) – $50 each

Single Row Panorama (up to 360 degree) – $30 each

Action Panorama – $50 each

HDR add on – $25 each image. I will consult with you whether or not this is appropriate for you on site. 

Stitching a space together in round.me: $10/ panorama or VR.

Event Panorama – Call for a quote. 651-492-7092. This is great for weddings, concerts, and any many other events. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are your panorama seamless?

Indoors: Virtually. Because it is very difficult to get perfectly seamless images, I don’t guarantee them. But, the primary subject and any major or moderate imperfections will be fixed.

Outdoors: It is near impossible to have a perfect outdoor VR or panorama. Perfect images require that there is no movement at all. This is nearly impossible with wind and other variables that are out of my control. I will put the images together as best as possible.

What about your shadow? or the tripod?

There may be a little ghosting around the tripod and my shadow in VR photographs. I do my best to avoid this, but sometimes it is impossible to get rid of them. Removing these may take extensive post-processing. Most people don’t find it necessary for the work. If this is a concern of yours, we should discuss this prior to hiring me.

Will I be able to use this tour on my website?

Yes. I will give you full copyright to the image so we both have permission to use them. There is a website called round.me that can host VR’s and then allow you to embed them using html so no special software or coding is needed to show them. I will give you the full file, so you may upload them to your own account on any site you like, or I will upload them and host them on my account for a one time fee of $10 per panorama or VR.

What is HDR?

HDR stands for high dynamic range. The human eye can see about 12 stops of light. A camera sees 3. A HDR picture is an image that is layered together so that all parts of the image are exposed correctly. This requires extra post processing time and about three times the source images, but is available upon request for an additional fee.


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